Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tune Up Run

The second tune up run took place this morning. We missed  the first one - it was way too cold.
This morning it was much better:)
I picked up some coffee - a must before a run. sidetracked by the glow :

It's amazing how deserted Yonge Street is on a Sunday morning...
Somehow, as I was putting my camera away, I snapped a picture ... of me:)

It was still early when we arrived with my daughter and son-in-law:

but soon enough, people gathered:

and we were off.
The first mile or so took me by surprise. The cold air made it difficult to establish a rhythm. I was also surprised to see several uphill sections.... This early in the season those are tough...  The three of us separated early on: my son-in-law was way ahead. Age and long legs were helping him along:)
I assumed that my daughter was with him but she decided to follow people who seemed to know which way to go... only to find out that they were headed to a restaurant. As she saw nobody else from our group, she ran an extra 2 K:) She did good time, too - arrived at destination about 5 minutes after me...
What took me so long?

Well, I had to take some pictures ...
The trail that will look "oh, so pretty",
in a month or two.


Residential area

Birdfeeders near a school

Almost there.

Unfortunately, my Nike Ipod thingy did not cooperate: about half-way through I pressed the wrong button, never found out what my time was. But, my Daughter won a Yoga For Runners DVD in the draw:)

It was good to find out that we are "on track" - we have another six weeks till the RUN.

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