Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My New Focus: Colour

One of the problems with winter is the loss of colours in our food, as well as around us.
Sure, there are tropical fruits, but other than that?
So, my challenge for the week is to keep my meals colourful - without the addition of food colouring (yuck!) of course.

What does Colour have to do with Getting In Shape?
Colour makes food appetizing.  It also translates into a variety of nutrients.  Most so-called superfoods are bright colour.
Whatever is good for us, has to do with Getting in Shape. Did I mention that I don't like counting calories?

If I eat good, home-made food without an excessive amount of sugar, salt and fat - I am on the right track.

Today's colours:

Now these are Canadian-grown eggplants. I am guessing, hothouse - grown as I'm looking at the snow outside:)

And, here is today's colourful lunch:

Red Pepper and Broccoli Rabe Frittata - approved by the young and the old:)

Editing to mention the
Turnip and Broccoli Rabe Combination Frittata Recipe I just found. (Link posted under Recipe Links:) )

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