Saturday, March 12, 2011

Announcing My New Focus

So far I have covered sugar and grains. It has helped me to keep an eye on those and made me a great deal more conscious of my choices.

Lets move onto something else:


While I focus on fiber, there is an additional item that must come into play....
Yes!   - more fiber means more water. There must be more water or there will be a problem.
How to get more fiber into my diet:

Whole grains are a good start.
Legumes - a must.


  1. I haven't read all your posts (so forgive me if I step on your toes), but in my experience, the fiber you get from fruits and veggies is more beneficial than that from grains. Not saying to neglect grains, but as you seem to be thinking about, it is very hard to get enough water to take care of much grain fiber. I seem to do better with only a couple of whole grain servings a day, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Celery, grapefruit and apples are my faves. Bananas are wonderful, but not so much in the fiber dept. Legumes are great, as you mention. But, yeah... although I love whole grains and try to avoid the white stuff, I have to make sure I don't overdo the brown stuff either. :)


  2. Jehanne, welcome and please feel free to step on my toes:)
    I love a dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

    I am not suggesting that fiber from grains is superior to fiber in fruits or veggies. My principle is to try to include as many types as possible.
    I understand what you are getting at. For weight loss purposes one would give priority to vegetables, followed by legumes, followed by fruits and grains.
    Grains are not the enemy as long as they are WHOLE and not ground down to flour consistency. Reducing bread and cakes ALWAYS brings results.