Monday, March 14, 2011

My Run

Beautiful, sunny day - with minimal wind. Temperature? Around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius (34-36 F)
2.5 mile run mostly on side streets.
It feels so good :)

Music - appropriately:

It's My Life :) - now, if I could only run like the young man in the video...


  1. Glad you had the opportunity to run in the sun, even if it was cold.
    Yesterday I ran 4.6km and it felt really good.

    It's weird. I've started to appreciate running only since I turned 30. When I was a teen I really hated it.

  2. FrenchFly - you have lots of good running years ahead of you:)
    I started (are you ready for this?) - at 51.
    I never liked running before, never considered it as an option.

    4.6 km is a good distance - there are quite a few weeks till the race, you are doing well:)

    As the weather improves, it gets to be more and more enjoyable, doesn't it?