Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of those buzzwords...

I don't believe in it.

There - I said it.
Or perhaps, I should explain:

I think a good sweat (as in workouts) is beneficial, as long as we avoid dehydration, of course.

It's good to (re)evaluate our food from time to time. It's definitely smart to eliminate or minimize those  food items that are not serving our health. I seriously doubt that we have a need to do "cleansing", that we need to adopt any extreme diet,  or employ some chemical that will somehow magically remove 10 or more years worth of toxins from our bodies.

I think we are equipped with the "right stuff". Our bodies are able to deal with a lot of things. Give them good fuel (food), keep them mobile and they'll do their job.

Those who were living on fast food diets do see the benefit of a "detox" - and perhaps, that is what may give them a good start toward a healthier life-style.  Still, they should keep it sensible.

I can see the benefit of elimination diets if one suspects an allergy.

It makes sense to try and work with the seasons and  use local produce as much as possible. It makes sense to educate ourselves about organic farming practices etc. It's smart to buy and eat the freshest possible food. We'll benefit from that.

Detox is the current equivalent of past fad diets - at least that's what it seems like. It's also huge business.
Buyer beware.

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