Friday, May 30, 2014

To Market, To Market... Again:)

Oh, the anticipation all winter long...
The countdown to starting date.
The excitement of the first morning...
What am I talking about? The local Farmer's Market, of course:).

What  a delight.  A few stalls with fresh, local produce. They look like veggies and fruits. They smell like vegetables and fruits. They are picked the night before. Can you beat that?

Even this early in the season, there is a thrill.
I kind of cheated this time and went to another market on Saturday. It was a thrill to acquire things like organic amber turnips, wild leeks (also known as ramps)...
Then, today, was the first day of our local market.
I did not really know what to expect as our growing season was a bit delayed by the long cold winter and unseasonable temperatures in the spring.
However, there were gorgeous, huge bunches of asparagus, green garlic, hot house peppers, tomatoes,
fresh kale,  lots of beautiful potted herbs... So I shopped. Then I came home and inspired by the freshness, I cooked. I felt like a painter must feel every time he stands in front of a blank canvas...

I cooked a  White bean soup with the kale, using Fire Roasted tomatoes, a potato, a couple of Heirloom Carrots (from Saturday's market)  and the gorgeous fresh green garlic. (one whole piece!)  I added some Tuscan Seasoning. Lovely:)

I cooked a giant pot of Asparagus Soup.  I froze it for those days when we can no longer get fresh (local) Asparagus.

Can't wait till next Thursday!