Monday, March 21, 2011

Lunch Break

I thought I'd pop in and post one of my super simple, easy lunches.  It might not be the greatest choice but I try to make it reasonable with the addition of a couple veggies.

I still had leftover soup - and just today, I got this in my e-mail:) :
Vegetarian Times - White Bean and Kale Soup
Different seasoning but otherwise similar soup.

Grilled cheese on the panini maker...
No added fat -

I spread the Whole Wheat slices with Hummus,
Add a Slice of Provolone,
Add a slice of Roasted Red Pepper (I just do it on the panini maker while I'm preparing the bread)

Put them in the panini maker and a couple of minutes later - lunch is ready.
This time I added one of those lovely Pickled Peppers, Stuffed with Sauerkraut. A little more sodium than usual but I'll balance it out during the day.:)

It's not just lettuce... or tofu...
need a balance.  If I eat too much food like this, I feel bloated, not necessarily comfortable.
Variety is key. Have I said that before?

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