About the Blog

This blog is for my reflection, my musings regarding nutrition, exercise, healthy living etc.

The web is full of healthy and healthier recipes,  food science, exercise science.
Trying to make sense of it all, is a science in itself :) .
It seems, all you need for a (successful) blog or website, is a number of key-words, such as:

healthy, vegan, vegetarian, detox, raw food, low fat, low carb, weight loss...

There is SO much information out there - it's scary. You think you figured it out, then realize you're not even close.

The bottom line:
-we need to change our eating habits or we are in trouble
-we need to exercise or we are in trouble
-we need adequate rest or (see above)
-we need to reduce stress...

We also need to recognize that our needs change day to day, week to week, season to season, depending on demands placed on us, weather, other circumstances. Adjusting  to those changes can be challenging.
This blog is likely to reflect that:
I started it in February, after winter has done its damage: lack of appetizing fresh foods (oh, yes I know we can get grapes from Chile, asparagus from Peru, etc. but note the adjectives before the word "foods"), after eating a number of Comfort Foods and Holiday treats which have made our waste lines a little uncomfortable. February: cold but with a promise of spring, warmer weather to come. February is also the month by which many have abandoned their New Year Resolutions of going to the gym, being more active. We know that in March, April, we shed those winter coats that hid that little extra.

As for me:
Every winter, without fail, I manage to put on a few pounds. I work out regularly, yet there is that (not so) subtle change in diet that just happens to favour heavier or starchier foods. There is the desire to try new recipes, bake breads and cakes or cookies...
I've decided to be a little more aware what goes into my tummy - instead of watching only what my family consumes. It's not necessarily the same...

This is going to be my ongoing attempt to make a healthier lifestyle - it's NOT another diet. I don't believe in diets, never was able to follow through. Gradual changes work. Those changes need to be sustainable, healthy.

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian forever in search of interesting recipes that can be incorporated into our family's menus.

This blog is a work in progress. It is also an attempt to organize my thoughts on fitness and nutrition.
I will be going back to old posts to edit, to add and modify information.