Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day of Rest

It took me a while to recognize the need for it.  (I am a slow learner, what can I say...)
When I started training for 10K, 10 miler, Half Marathon, it became obvious that those who write the training manuals do have an idea what they are talking about:)
I don't necessarily observe rest day on the assigned day - I play it by ear. Whenever it becomes too difficult to make it to the gym or if I feel overwhelmed, that becomes my  day of rest.

Today was a day or rest.


  1. Hi Kathy.

    I visited your blog out of curiosity and I'm glad I did.
    I'm doing the 7 week Flying Fit Challenge and my goal is to run 10K by the end of April.
    It's been a week of various exercise (first week of the 7 week challenge) and I was wondering if I should use this Sunday as a day of rest, or if I should go for a run.

    Thanks for your advice, I will follow it and rest :)

  2. Hi FrenchFly.

    My 10K is scheduled for May 1:)
    I'll be interested to hear how your training is coming. I am finding it hard right now to adjust to the training schedule in spite of the fact that I work out most of the days all year. Treadmill is not my favourite thing... can't wait for the weather to improve:)

    A day of rest always makes me want to do more when I return to it:)

  3. Hi Kathy

    My training is not really planned, I do what I "guess" I should do. I do cardio (run and fast walk or rowing) every other day, and some strength training 2-3 times a week. I just started so it's my plan so far, but I may change it.
    Right now I think I can run 3 kms without stopping, no more. Last year I could run 7km without stop, so I guess I can reach that goal again soon. Maybe not! :)

    Any suggestion, advice, or links to webpages, would be greatly appreciated if you've been there too. :)

  4. 3K without stopping is a great start, FrenchFly:)
    (when I started a couple of years ago, I could barely run a block...)
    I'm sure you'll be in good running shape by the end of April.
    I posted my training link - see if you find it helpful.
    There are several versions on the site, some are free, some you pay for.
    I have found the free ones quite adequate for my purposes.