Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amazing Detox-friendly Ice Cream

This is not a recipe. I can't really give quantities. I use a Magic Bullet for smoothies and have discovered that when I add too little liquid (usually non-dairy milk) to my fruits, I get a nice creamy consistency. Sometimes I have Mango Ice cream, other times Banana Ice cream.

Later, I found out on the internet that you can turn your Banana Ice cream into a lovely Chocolate Ice cream by adding Cacao to it. Delicious!

Then,  just because I have to have the "last word" :),  I added Shredded Coconuts to the above.  Very good.
Still feeling creative, I topped the Ice Cream with frozen Sour Cherry pieces. Now you're talking!
What a dessert! Who needs sugar?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

It is time, once more, to get in shape for the summer.
It is not a weight-issue. It is simply a predictable pattern:
fall/early winter translate into comfort foods. Make that too many comfort foods.
Holidays mean LOTS of treats, desserts, etc.
January brings a desire to do better, to improve, etc.

It's that time again. I am actually looking forward to a detox. (Starting on the 12th)

Why I rushed here to post after a prolonged absence was the discovery of delicious greens.
(This is the time I start craving greens like crazy)

Swiss Chard

1 bunch chard chopped small (leaves and stems)
1 onion sliced thin
a few garlic cloves
(cheese - optional)

Preheat oven @350

Mix veggies with oil, S&P - bake for 15 min.
Add another TBSP oil - bake for anothe 15 min. (until chards are done, onions and garlic have attractive colour) Serve with or without cheese. Very delicious.:)