Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nature walk - good for the soul

This post is dedicated to my cyber-friend,  "jehanne" :)

This was a very early morning.... Our hike started at 5 a.m. through fields, forests... As I set up my camera by the lake, the earlier greys gave way to warmer colours. The mist glowed in the amber rays of the sun.  Weeds, flowers glistened. The dew seemed like tiny jewels on their surfaces...
I only had a couple of hours sleep the night before but came away feeling refreshed, happy.
In earlier posts I talked about Nature Appreciation. It was a very important point in Blissology.
I am fully convinced that it is.
We need so much more of it in our lives. This walk was not unlike yoga, in the sense of "being there". Within the first few moments I forgot about everything, only the "moment" mattered. 
(Numerous mosquitoes made sure that I stayed focused on the moment :) )
A hike like this is a great tool for stress release.

Dawn with mist over the lake
My photo does not do it justice...


Two friends

Jewels in the sunlight

Little snail