Monday, March 7, 2011


In the past I have (successfully) used Hal Higdon's Training for a 10K, then later, Training for a Half Marathon. I recognize that there are many ways getting there. This time I tried a different training schedule - and have been fighting with myself ever since:)
So, I'm officially returning to my TNT Hal Higdon's Training schedule.
My strength training is usually a sculpting class (1 hour or 1,5 hours in length) -
Cross training is either Spinning or Yoga class.

Tonight, I went back to the track, did 4K running (jogging).
Tomorrow, I expect to do a Spinning class
On Wednesday I'll do a running session.
On Thursday I'll do a Sculpting class and a short run
Friday - Spinning class
Saturday Sculpting
Sunday - Long run

I take a day off when either I feel overtired or overwhelmed with other things.


  1. Thank you for all this, Kathy.
    I'll go straight to the training plan and print it.

    Today I ran 4 kms, I intended to run 5kms but it seems that 4 is my current limit. It 'll change!

  2. No problem:) FrenchFly.
    It will be fine, you'll see.
    If you can't run 5, just walk the extra kilometer.
    Do you run outdoors?

  3. Yes, I run outdoors on a running trail near a sports center, it's 1Km long (with little signs that mark 400m, 600m and so on) Other people run or walk there most of the time.
    I don't run often though, I walk, and I do some rowing machine exercise indoors (home).

    Do you run indoors or outdoors? Which one do you think is better?
    Anyway I don't want to pay a machine to run on, it's so easy to find places to run outdoors, with free sunshine too :)

    BTW thanks for the broccoli and pasta recipes. I love broccoli :)

  4. I only run from the end of February - beginning of March until late October, early November. I truly don't like the treadmill and don't do well on it.
    Recently, they built an indoor track at the local community center: much better than a machine but does not come close to outdoor running.
    I truly enjoy the summer months for that reason. Toronto is blessed with wonderful outdoor trails. Stay tuned, I'm planning to include photos of them:)

    The pasta dish was my first try with Broccoli Rabe, aka Rapini.
    It would be nice with broccoli, too , but if you haven't tried Rapini, it's very enjoyable.
    Here is a nice link: