Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grains I Enjoy

There is actually a good variety there:

I love rice . I enjoy brown rice and all the other varieties. I have not tried black rice yet.

Wild rice (technically not even rice) is also wonderful and adds a different dimension to old dishes.

Quinoa, which is not a grain, yet we tend to count it as such, has wonderful properties: high protein content is just one of them.  My favourite is the black one:) Great addition to casseroles, good mixed
with other grains.

Barley.  It tends to be a family favourite. Black Beans and Barley are a great combination. Mushroom Barley Soup is heavenly.

Millet -  Unassuming but surprisingly also very beneficial.

Bulgur - just think Tabouleh:)

Buckwheat - oh, those Soba noodles...

Oats - Rolled Oats, Steel-cut Oats - they keep me going

Corn - we all love corn. Trying hard not to think about genetically modified food...

Spelt - I am not a great fan of it but it's fine in some foods.

There are some I have yet to try:
amaranth, teff,

Each have their own benefits - variety is always good.
Time to cook my oatmeal:)

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