Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Detox - Part 2

Remember my post?

I have not changed my mind about "detox" in general. However, my family and I decided to do a detox under the guidance of an ND.
I checked it carefully and we had met her before so I knew it was not one of  "those" diets .
For a ten day period, we eliminated a number of foods from our diet. Some of them were obvious choices, like processed foods, dairy, sugar, others surprised me: zucchini, melons, mushrooms...
The toughest part (for me) was going without coffee.  I surprised myself: without much fuss, I managed to quit after beginning each morning with a cup (or more)  for the past 36 years....  And I'm fine.
I will have coffee again but will try my best not to return to the morning coffee habit and  I will keep it at one cup limit.
The other challenging item: bread. I LOVE bread with a passion. I suspect it's not reciprocated...
I'm definitely feeling better  without it.  There can be many other foods responsible though and now the next few days should tell.  Dairy is a major suspect, so I'm staying away from it. Cheese is my favourite food... that is hard. Each food item gets re-introduced, one at a time with a couple of days between adding items.
Even though that was not the goal - I lost 2 lbs in 10 days.
Stay tuned:)

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