Friday, June 17, 2011


I started this blog with the intention to get into summer shape.

I have reached my ideal weight - I stopped drinking coffee, have not had dairy,  bread, sugar, corn, white potato, wheat flour for two weeks and I must say, I feel better. I started soy yesterday - have not had a problem with it.
Now I need to figure out which one of the above I should stay off.  I strongly suspect dairy and anything with yeast dough but time will tell. I have no problem staying off sugar:
I use unpasteurized honey, agave syrup, brown rice syrup or maple syrup for sweeteners when necessary. I'm surprised how easy it was to give up sugar. (White sugar has been a rare commodity in my house for the longest time.)
Larabar-style bars and balls have taken care of my sweet tooth.

I've been experimenting with Nori for snacks.
Today, I put together a neat one:
2 pieces of Nori stuck to a piece of Suzie's Whole Grain Rice Cake. I used a mix of olive oil and Brown Rice Syrup to attach the Nori. Brushed the top with more of the mix, sprinkled some black and white sesame seeds on them and baked them in the oven at 350 for 10 min. on each side. A lovely snack.:)

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