Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kale - Part 2

Kale chips will get you interested. Then you move onto other dishes with Kale.
I normally put some in my White Bean Soup, Ribollita. 

Tonight, I made an entire meal with it.
Olive Oil, Garlic, Hot Pepper flakes, Kale and Soba noodles. What could be simpler? 
What could be more delicious? 

Discovery: Soba Noodles (Buckwheat,  Buckwheat and Sweet Potatoes) are a great deal more filling than other noodles. I also enjoy their chewiness.:)

A great link for different Kale chips.


  1. Well, I still haven't gotten any kale. But I have previously put kale in my white bean soup. :)
    I really do need to get some. I will also want to try your beet green recipe. Our beet greens are just about big enough to do something like that with them. Sounds yummy! Also the soba noodles. :)


  2. Jehanne,
    Let me know if you like it that way:)
    I never ate beet greens before but I enjoy it when it's prepared in that manner.
    It's good to find ways to get enough servings of greens into our systems.