Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Time

It's time to start posting again...
It's time to focus on getting in shape again.
It's time to share new ideas, challenges...

So I'm here.

It is always tough at this time of the year. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year are followed by two birthdays and a wedding anniversary... I can't even get serious until the end of February.
This year with the mild winter we've had, I can already see green branches on the Forsythia (!) and little buds on our Magnolia. Both remind me that spring is around the corner!

Normally, at this time, I get slightly antsy, anxious to start outdoor exercise. Well,  running is out for a while: I've been struggling with my ITB. (Spinning is impossible:( as are many yoga poses along with a number of exercises in my sculpting class) I'm not the happiest camper about this but...
I'm focusing on what I CAN do:
walking, sculpting classes (minus squats, lunges etc.) , self-directed yoga, ab exercises.

Food-wise we are still in "winter-mode". I've been experimenting a bit with some new recipes.
The latest is a cookie. Impressive. (just don't tell anyone you've made it out of beans:) )

I've been fairly low-key so far. This book has been my guide for weekly small changes. None of them have been drastic changes so far - just little tweaks.

I will try to post regularly - it keeps me on track.:)

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