Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 4 - Already?

It's going so smoothly, I barely noticed.
Amazingly enough, I don't miss bread! Without bread even the lack of cheese is not a problem.
Banana, Almond butter, Hemp Hearts Smoothie,
Mini Arugula - just by itself -b/c I love it.
Red Pepper /Cabbage Soup - so delicious
Sweet pot. mashed with almond milk, Chia and Cinnamon - cold.
Power balls:
(like Larabars)
Cashews, Dates, Tart Cherries, Hemp hears, Cocoa - processed and made into balls.
(They keep well in the fridge - although that was never put to test:) )
Dinner was Beet leaves with Wild rice. Very pleasant. For dessert I had a banana with almond butter.
For Late snack I had an orange, ok, so I took some power balls, too...

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