Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 6

I think I am just about ready for re-introducing protein foods...
It may have had to do something with my rearranging large (and heavy) furniture yesterday or it might just be  a normal response but today I felt that need.

What did I eat?
Well, I did not have time to prepare extra meals for me so it was odds and ends... which might be another possible explanation.

This morning I made a smoothie that turned into a wonderful pudding...
(Avocado, Banana, Almond Milk and Flaxseed)
Later, I had the last of the Red Pepper Soup, some trail mix,  a tiny bit of sauteed cabbage, a taste (literally) of wild rice, another smoothie with Papaya and Banana - equally delicious - a half sweet potato, some tiny roasted beets
a little trail mix, some roasted cabbage, a carob drink,  lots of herbal tea. At one point this afternoon, I was pretty shaky so I got myself a banana with almond butter.:)

I made Roasted beet and garlic Soup for tomorrow, and a Chickpea Salad. (NO, I did not taste the latter! although wanted to...)

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