Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week I slowed down with my yoga adventures:(.
Part of the reason was the fact that I found it easy to do daily yoga last week. I thought I had the habit in place. 
Not quite...  It takes more work than that. That is OK though - we make mistakes, then we make a greater effort, repeat it  many times over and there: we've got a a brand new habit :).

Today's workshop almost made up for my lack of effort during the week.
It was a two-hour long class with Rodney Yee and his wife, Coleen.  (Forward Bend Without Stretching)
Their workshops are always a treat. So much expertise, good teamwork, wonderful explanation.
I also find his classes special because it was his DVD that I started my yoga practice with and my daily exercise habit with it.  At that time I was proud of myself for doing a :10 minute DVD every morning...
Seems so long ago  - but only 4 years went by. Never did I think that I'd be doing 2 hour workshops . :)

We are so fortunate to have all these wonderful instructors teach here once a year. It's a great opportunity to learn different approaches to yoga.

I have another wonderful workshop scheduled for tomorrow- stay tuned. :)

My Moksha challenge continues - week 3. Live Green is the theme and it IS tough.
No paper towels, no take out cups,  no plastic waterbottles, no plastic bags etc...  Still, it's good to make an effort.
Most appropriately, Tree Pose is the pose of the week.

My running training seriously suffered this week - the weather had a great deal to do with it...
However, I do enough cardio  to keep me fit enough.  A little concerned though: the race is a mere 2 weeks away.

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