Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moksha Challenge - cont.

This week's challenge -
be accessible. I think I gladly become accessible as long as I can access my sugar bowl :)
Just kidding.
I was OK - I slipped up a couple of times with the "no sugar" challenge but that is OK.  I was very much aware what I ate - most of the time.
The yoga portion went well:
I had a brief practice on Friday - and just a few poses on Saturday but I regard this as huge progress.
In fact, if I could maintain this on a regular basis I'd be satisfied.

Posture of the week is Dancer's Pose.
I used to get frustrated with it: initially, I could not get through step 1 - grabbing my foot.
I attempted it daily, during our month long hot yoga challenge...  I was drenched by the time we got to Dancer's Pose in practice and that elusive foot kept slipping out of my grasp.  I struggled to maintain my balance until one clever instructor said to me to hold onto something. Aha!  I got it. There was no stopping me from there on:) About 2 months after my first attempt, I could do it.  Not like the pose you see on DVD covers, but a respectable one for ME:)
I guess, that is acceptance - I accept my limitations, use a prop if needed. I accept that my pose is not picture perfect but it represents progress over the one I started with. (Does Flylady do yoga? :)  - her motto: 'Progress, not perfection' )
And, as I was processing the examples of acceptance, I happened to come across this gem.

More later.

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