Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Run

... and I declare, the Running Season has officially begun.
I went for my long run today.  Back to my favourite trail: the Beltline. For those who are not familiar with it:
the Beltline is a wonderful trail in the City of Toronto. It covers former railway tracks. In some spots where the soil has eroded, parts of the tracks become visible. Sunday mornings, the trail is ALIVE with walkers, joggers, cyclists, people with dogs, people with kids, old couples, you name it.
I am excited to have my little pocket camera with me this year.
Right now, the colours are a bit drab but there is fresh air and it feels SO GOOD to be back after that long winter. I have no idea what distance I covered, my Nike Ipod had to be reset during the run but I was out there for 1,5 hours.
It's great to be back:) Maybe I'm repeating myself but I LOVE this trail so much that during the winter, whenever I drove by it, a smile came on my face. Wait till the colours return - it's going to be so beautiful.

This little guy kept staring at me
while I was taking pictures


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! No wonder you love running there! Makes me want to come and join you... :)


  2. Jehanne -Thank you - I enjoy running with company:)
    Wait till you see this place in the later part of spring.