Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moksha Challenge

Truthfully, the daily yoga is not difficult to manage. The toughest part is to roll out the mat and get going.
The Blissology DVDs are fantastic - they remind me of the workshop we did with Eoin Finn back in January. Now, getting there by 6 a.m. was challenging - although well worth the effort.
I really enjoy Thursday's sequence AND the music.
(Thursday's Trailer)

As for sugar:
today I had to grab a bar before my spinning class - sweetened with honey.
I wish I was clearer on the rules: is it sugar/white sugar or anything that the body processes as sugar, i.e. all the -ose (sucrose, fructose, etc.) It was poor planning on my part: did not get a chance to eat breakfast before.

Vegan meal of the day:
Kichari (sp?)

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