Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1 - Blissology Challenge

Sprinkler in the Sunset
Yoga - Monday Quickie from Blissology Project
I'm always reminded how good I feel after a few minutes morning yoga...

Meditation - from same
(needs a lot of work... the mind keeps wondering...:) )

Nature Appreciation -
I know, I promised pictures. I tried. Uncooperative flock of Crows took off before I raised my camera :)
It would have been a real cool shot... almost  Hitchcock-like.

Gratitude and Food Awareness:
It kind of went hand in hand today: I realized that I have access to such a variety of food...
I'm also aware that such an abundance is not always a blessing... We don't need cherries in January - but I surely enjoy them NOW!

Wild card:
I'm writing that card right now...
:)  It's so true - hand written cards matter so much more than e-cards, e-vites etc.
It's becoming a lost art.

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