Friday, July 15, 2011

Can't Slow Down - We Need Those Challenges

Bike riding attempts continue...  Not much improvement... I figure if I do it enough times something will sink in...

I admit:
I'm a Challenge-junkie, if there is such a thing...

I loved the Blissology project. I got up at the crack of dawn (oh, what am I saying: in total darkness) to do the workshop, in January. Eoin Finn has a wonderfully positive attitude and great yoga classes. When I found out about the current 28 Day Online Challenge, I just had to join. I have not decided on the starting date but I'm definitely going ahead with it.

Here is the list:
Yoga - I miss my regular practice. I need 20-25 minutes a day... it makes me feel better.
Meditation - a tough one. I am open to it, but find it difficult. However,  I'll keep trying.
Nature Appreciation - No Problem! - I'll just post my photos... :)
Food Awareness - :)
Gratitude - It's there, not always verbalized, but it is there.

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