Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 K


Lots of pretty shops on the way

The sign actually said,
"Check your shoes"

Construction and more construction...

A whole blue team, with flags in their hats, brought smiles on peoples' faces

Almost there...

The finish line:)

Well done:)
12,157 runners and walkers took over the streets of Toronto in order to raise money to send kids with cancer to camp. A good cause, without a doubt.

As for me:
This was my 3rd time at this race.
My goal was to beat last year's time: I did, although not by much. (1:16:45.7)
I was hoping we manage to finish the race before the showers came. We did that.:)
It was a bit chilly but not too bad.


  1. Good job, Kathy!! I thought :50 was pretty good for someone's 5K, so your :76 for a 10K is awesome! That link to the awesome grannies was really inspiring as well... you all just might get me out there yet! :)
    Glad to see that the weather held off for you, even though it was threatening. Enjoyed the pix!! =)


  2. Thank you, Jehanne:)

    I must add: this is the fastest course - almost all downhill.
    We get good times from that and, sore quads for the next day:).
    The grannies are amazing, I agree.