Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Funny Story - with a Moral

 I will tell you a funny story.
It's a true story and there is a moral, too...

I know that it's important to label anything we put in the freezer.
I do it, pretty religiously, listing the item, and the date I froze it.
A couple of things I don't always bother with as they go through quick rotation. My sliced bananas don't get labeled, my garlic and my ginger are not labeled. Anyone can tell them apart... and I use them within the week so there is no problem.

This morning, in a hurry, I grabbed my oatmeal, added the almond milk, carob and reached for the small pack of sliced bananas. I mixed everything, put it in the microwave. As I was closing the door, I smelled "cooking smell" - so I made a mental note to clean the microwave soon.
It beeped - I grabbed the flaxseed that I add after cooking so as not to heat it, mixed it once more and settled into a chair to eat. The first bite was shocking. The banana was hard. Bananas are NEVER hard - :oops: - wait a minute: this "banana" smelled... of garlic. Itwas garlic.
And thus my breakfast ended up in the garbage... :lol: 

Moral of the story:
Label. Everything.

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