Thursday, February 24, 2011


Each winter, in spite of my best effort we get a bit more sluggish, acquire a few extra pounds around the middle, etc.
This will be my own step-by-step challenge to get rid of that and improve health, strength through more food awareness.
I intend to add a step each week, until I reach  manageable/optimal diet.

Week 1

My first step in the right direction:
reduce sugar in my diet.

The culprits:
yummy baked goods - muffins, quickbreads, cakes occasionally, coffee, chai, candied ginger, chocolate

The goal:
no more than  10 - 12 teaspoons sugar per day.  It used to be the recommended amount... I understand that the current recommendations are even more strict.

How to get there:

reduce sugar in coffee
less baked goods / account for each

I know from experience that by doing so I will have  a lesser need  to sweeten food. The taste buds become more sensitive over time and something that I may readily eat now, will become way too sweet to enjoy.

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