Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Night Improv

As long as there are fresh veggies in the Fridge, dinner is not far ...

Tonight - a quick improv with whatever we had on hand:

Spelt tortillas in the fridge
Asparagus of the thick kind
Green Garlic
Poblano peppers
Grated Gruyere in the freezer
and some Garlic Spice mix

So I put those together:

Sauteed Shallots and Green Garlic
Added some Poblano
Added the Asparagus in pieces
Sprinkled it with some Garlic Spice,
Covered it and let it cook on low for a while

Spread Vegannaise on the Tortillas
Sprinkled them with more Garlic Spice
Added a just a touch of cheese (for those who don't believe it's good without cheese)
Filled them with the Asparagus mix/Folded them and Cooked them briefly on each side in the frying pan.

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