Sunday, April 22, 2012


My new objective...
Actually, not so new - time constraints tend to lead to simpler meals, quick preparations.
Those are the times when we are tempted to reach for "convenience foods".
Well, my take on it  is that if you don't keep those in the house you'll be reaching for a pan or a pot and perhaps into your veggie drawers to whip up a quick dinner.

My intention for the next little while is to list those quick (and many times tasty) meals. Perhaps, even include a recipe or two...

Today's lunch was a good example. I was in no hurry but my mom was hungry so:
I grabbed this.
Brushed a little Olive oil on top. Roasted a few tomato slices with some red onion slices for it.
Grabbed a large handful of Arugula (washed of course) and added some Buffalo Mozzarella.
I put my little pizza in the oven @ 375 and in about 10 minutes we had a lovely, filling dish. :)
(Spelt pizza is quite filling.)

So technically, this WAS convenience food: I had the spelt pizzas in plastic wrap on hand, all it took was some good veggies and cheese to make it.
It would be good on something like One Bun, or a whole grain Pita, or even a tortilla, depending on what is on hand.

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