Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How It All Mushroomed

Those of you, who have been following my market-adventures, are aware how excited I have been about my mushroom finds.
Well, last Thursday, I took a chance and not only did I come home with more wonderful mushrooms but
also bought a log.
What is a log?  It's a wonderful invention: mushrooms grow on it.

I brought it home with instructions. As per instructions, I soaked it in a bucket. It soaked for about 3 hours. Then, I set it up in a Roasting pan with some pebbles, in order to keep it from direct contact with the water. I put it in a spare bedroom as I had no more horizontal space left in my kitchen. I've been visiting it two- three times a day and misting it . It's quite exciting to observe the changes from day to day.

Here is the log in the bucket.

All set up in the roasting pan

Aren't they amazing?

The last two pictures were taken today.
I'm going to have Shiitake mushrooms:)

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